ASFONZ 2009 Forum

Was held at Te Papa on Thursday 6th August 2009
ASFONZ 2009 Forum delegates
Morning tea break at ASFONZ Forum
Plenary session at ASFONZ 2009 Forum

Thank you to all those who attended the ASFONZ 2009 Forum.  A big thank you also to our presenters for their contributions.

Your feedback has reassured us that the event was well received by delegates and successfully managed.

Presentations made at the Forum are now available, please visit the Forum Agenda page of this website.


Plain Englishing Workplace Savings & KiwiSaver

‘Plain English' is a term we often hear bandied about, but seldom in relation to communications about savings products - except when describing them as NOT being ‘plain English'!

In an increasingly complex business world, and in particular in an increasingly complex regulatory environment for workplace savings, ‘Plain English' must mean more than using small words and short sentences. It's about demystifying the whole workplace savings experience and making it simple for all involved.

So what does the term mean for us? It means striving for an environment where rules are clear and logical, where employers know what they can and cannot do, where investors and potential employee scheme members can understand the information provided to them and the financial implications of the decisions they make, and scheme trustees and providers have a clear picture of the challenges they face.

It's against the above background that the ASFONZ Council has pulled together the programme for our bi-ennial one day forum for workplace savings participants. We are delighted with the quality of the speakers we have been able to gather for this important event, and we are looking forward to them sharing their wisdom on plain englishing workplace savings. There should be something in the programme for everyone.

David Ireland, Chairman

ASFONZ - the voice of workplace Super


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