CIT Professional Development Module: Current Good Practice Governance

"Good Governance is exciting, rewarding and fun" - Tony Hassed, BoardSense Ltd.

This module is presented in an interactive workshop style and will include a discussion forum for attendees to raise issues for discussion and exchange views with fellow board members.  This session is facilitated by Tony Hassed of BoardSense Ltd, a leading governance specialist.

This module aims to give trustees, and other governance group members, a practical understanding of:

  • Board of Trustees - the job description, competencies
  • The Governance Process and Cycle
  • Managing the meeting Agenda
  • Conducting effective meetings
  • Policy development and Generic Governance Process policies
  • How to contribute effectively, work together, and obtain the best results
  • How to identify risk issues and make decisions
  • Trustee orientation
  • The Role of the Secretary
  • Evaluation of Board Performance
  • Selection/appointment of Service Providers

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Attendance will be limited to a small number to encourage robust discussion on the current issues board members are facing today.  Email us to register your interest.