CIT Professional Development Module: Introduction to Trusteeship

For new or existing trustees, this course will assist all trustees in understanding their legal obligations and broader responsibilities associated with the governance of a trust. Particular emphasis is given to trustee powers, duties and the exercise of discretions.

Course Outline - Introduction to Trusteeship:

1. Superannuation schemes in context

  • The trust concept – parties/relationships
  • Trust law/statutory/employment law perspective
  • Basic responsibilities

2. Exercising Discretions

  • Discretions in context
  • Conferring benefits
  • Discretions in practice

3. Legislative Overview – Being registered as a superannuation scheme

  • Becoming and remaining registered
  • Changing the scheme
  • KiwiSaver and super
  • Threats to registration
  • Registration in the future

4. Legislative Overview – General

  • Offering membership and advertising
  • Giving advice
  • Administration
  • Tax issues

The module is presented in an interactive workshop style with attendance limited to a small number of attendees who will be provided with ample opportunity to raise issues for discussion and exchange views with fellow industry participants, facilitated by a leading industry specialist - David Ireland - an expert in financial services law with over 20 years of experience in the sector.

David Ireland is a partner with law firm Kensington Swan and also a former Chair of Workplace Savings NZ.  David has led the trustee training initiatives of Workplace Savings NZ since the inception of its current workshop training modules in 2002. He provides practical guidance to superannuation scheme trustees on the discharge of their legal obligations and effective trusteeship.

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