Compare Investment Options

The Compare Investment Options provides you with the key summary information about the investment options available in each of the major Master Trust product in New Zealand.   

Workplace Savings NZ cannot guarantee future returns and does not endorse any Master Trust scheme or provider.   We strongly recommend you seek independent financial advice.   See our disclaimer.

Here you can find out which Master Trust providers make available investment options in each of the following :

  • Cash and Fixed Cash and fixed interest only funds with 0% invested in Growth Assets
  • Low risk Fund profile with 1% to less than 30% invested in Growth Assets
  • Low to medium Fund profile with 30% to less than 50% invested in Growth Assets
  • Medium risk Funds with 50% to less than 61.0% invested in Growth Assets
  • Medium to high Fund profile with 61.0% to less than 85% invested in Growth Assets
  • High risk Funds with 85.0% to 100% invested in Growth Assets

What is a "growth" asset?

The following asset classes are commonly referred to as "growth" assets - NZ Shares, overseas shares, NZ Property, overseas property and some alternative assets.