KiwiSaver Scheme Providers

KiwiSaver Providers - who are they and what do they offer?

This full list of KiwiSaver providers contains links to their respective websites.  Here you can find out information about who they are and which KiwiSaver scheme(s) they manage.

To see what fees are charged by KiwiSaver schemes we recommend you visit the industry recognized
KiwiSaver Fees Calculator on the Sorted website (launched on 2 April 2012).

Try using our Choosing a KiwiSaver Scheme tool on this website.  This allows you to review some of the important information and selection criteria including:

  • Company ownership and rating (parent company if available)

  • Date Scheme was established

  • Scheme size ($m)
  • Scheme members

  • Investment management

  • Trustee

  • Range of investment funds

  • Number of KiwiSaver Schemes

Whether you are an employer or an employee choosing a KiwiSaver scheme, it is important to investigate the company to whom you are entrusting your KiwiSavings. It is likely to be a long term relationship and providers differ in terms of their scale, track record, investment approach amongst other things.

Workplace Savings NZ cannot guarantee future returns and does not endorse any KiwiSaver Provider or Scheme.  We strongly recommend you seek independent financial advice.  See our disclaimer.