MPs sceptical about debt-to-income restrictions

13 February 2017 The RBNZ was late to the debt-to-income limit party which is why this tool won't be added to its macro-prudential toolkit anytime soon, Gareth Vaughan argues.  More>

Stubbs calls for crack down on snail-paced KiwiSaver transfer times

13 February 2017 It's time to crack down on super-slow KiwiSaver scheme transfers, says Sam Stubbs, founder of the Simplicity KiwiSaver scheme.Stubbs says 16 in every 100 people who have switched to its scheme from a rival KiwiSaver scheme have had to wait 20 or more days for their money to be transferred over.  More>

PAA/IFA merger feedback 'vast'

13 February 2017 Members of the working group developing Financial Advice New Zealand say they now have a “vast and well thought-out” amount of information from advisers to work through.  More>

UK Providers incapable of delivering advice allowance

13 February 2017

FTAdviser: UK pension providers have warned they may not be able to deliver on the government's £1,500 advice allowance, raising questions over whether the measure is workable.  More>

An aging global population and its economic implications

13 February 2017

Global Risk Insights: Nations will have to make many changes or face slower economic growth and increased social costs to deal with aging populations.A phenomenon deeply troubling economists and policymakers is the aging global population.  More>

Remaking American financial regulation

13 February 2017

The Economist: AT FIRST blush, there is little to be excited about. The eighth executive order of Donald Trump’s infant presidency, signed on February 3rd, lists seven “core principles” for regulating America’s financial system.  More>

The new retirement: work until you drop

13 February 2017

NZ Herald: The retirement ideal has undergone more facelifts than an ageing baby boomer. Not so long ago, you might work to 65 and collect a gold watch then enjoy grandkids, a bit of travel and a healthy superannuation.  More>

TOWER takeover by Canada's Fairfax

10 February 2017 Tower board, major shareholders back $197 million takeover bid from Canada's Fairfax Financial Holdings touted the 'Berkshire Hathaway of Canada'. Tower's share price rises as trading resume.  More>

AMP New Zealand grows revenue base

10 February 2017

Scoop press release: AMP Financial Services New Zealand (AMP New Zealand) has reported operating earnings of $134 million for the full year to December 2016, an increase of 3.7 per cent on FY 15. Excluding the effect of the loss of transitional tax relief, operating earnings increased by 12 per cent. More>

Finance minister calls for cost-benefit anaysis of DTIs

10 February 2017 Finance Minister Steven Joyce wants the Reserve Bank to conduct a full "cost benefit analysis" on its plan for debt-to-income ratios (DTIs) as well as public consultation before he will consider use of DTIs. More>