Is the P/E ratio a good metric?

13 January 2017

Seeking Alpha: Is The P/E Ratio A Good Metric To Use For Growth Stocks? Frederic Batoua comments. More>

The passive investing bubble is real

13 January 2017

There is no question that the stats back up the idea that passive strategies have more often than not beaten active ones. But the love of passive at some point likely means active anomalies return in markets.   More>

Robo versus real financial advisers

13 January 2017

The founder of a leading robo-adviser platform acknowledges: "Advisors who add value are extremely safe."   More>

Migrants, older workers and NZ Super sustainability

11 January 2017 David Chaston explores how migrants and older workers are keeping NZ Super sustainable.  More>

Aussie super in need of 'radical change'

11 January 2017

The Australian: Richard Holden says that if Aussie super is to be more of a substitute for, rather than a supplement to, the pension, then big, structural changes need to be made. More>

A macro demographic analysis of pensions investing

11 January 2017

Dr Amlan Roy, of the LSE Systemic Risk Centre argues for a broader understanding of the factors that drive pension fund risk and asset allocation. Investment & Pensions Europe. More>

Morningstar: absolute return funds can be misleading

11 January 2017

Fund titles containing terms such as "absolute returns" can be misleading, according to Chris Douglas, director of manager research ratings, Morningstar Australasia. More>

The emerging "robo embracer"

11 January 2017 As firms and advisers look to adopt and market automated digital advice services, it’s important that they understand who the potential early adopters are. More>

Morningstar: 17 funds for 2017

11 January 2017

Russell Kinnel of Morningstar looks 17 options for managers to diversify holdings in 2017. His picks include short-term bond funds, foreign equities and bonds, world, emerging markets, and large growth.   More>

What's up with the property market?

11 January 2017

Property investor retreat eases house price growth in Auckland says Jenée Tibshraeny of More>