Value investing now back in favour

19 April 2017

Nikkoam During the 2016 December quarter, we witnessed the value style stage a partial recovery after having underperformed for at least two years or so. Is this as good as it gets? Or will value continue to outperform after its initial recovery, after having being in the wilderness for some time? More>  

America has a retirement problem, not a saving problem

19 April 2017

The Economist: HOUSE Resolution 67, which Donald Trump signed last week, rolls back a rule that the Labor Department finalised late last year, which would have made it easier for cities and counties to run retirement savings plans for citizens who couldn’t get them through work. More>  

International fund company layoffs

19 April 2017

Morningstar: Layoffs have recently surged among active managers, as investors continue to shift assets to passive funds. In 2016, a record $340 billion poured out of active funds, while passive funds gained $505 billion. More>  

Obituary - Greg Jones

19 April 2017

Goodreturns: The man who has been described as "New Zealand's Mr Absolute Returns" man, Greg Jones, has died after a long illness. More>  

The fearless market ignores perils ahead

19 April 2017

Financial Times Big Read: Volatility index has become the basis for aggressive products that create their own risks. More>  

David Simmers: Less super for the rich?

19 April 2017 OPINION: The current debate about superannuation seems to focus solely on the age of eligibility. This is disappointing; the equally important question of how to limit the amount paid to those who do not need state assistance is largely ignored. More>  

Matt Whineray: Active versus passive investment

17 April 2017 One of the topics brought up in recent debates about the New Zealand Superannuation Fund is the difference between active and passive investment. More>  

The Bill for HIdden Private Equity Fees: $4bn

17 April 2017

Institutional Investor: As public pension plans in the U.S. increasingly invest in private equity and other alternatives, funds may be paying more than $4 billion annually in unreported fees, according to Pew Charitable Trusts. More>  

Banks treat the New Zealand economy as just a housing market

17 April 2017 Following the money shows how they really think. Our banks treat the New Zealand economy as just a housing market, with lending for the real economy a relatively smaller focus. More>  

A Scary Percentage of Retirees Blow Through Their Workplace Savings When They Take a Lump Sum

17 April 2017

Yahoo! Finance: A lump sum payment from a pension or 401(k) may sound appealing, but one in five Americans deplete the money in 5.5 years, a study shows. More>