The year ahead in business: reader opinions

2 January 2017 2017 will be an election year, and we will be covering all the economic plans and promises. So, what do you think will happen in 2017? More>

NZX year in review

2 January 2017

NBR Year in review: NZX50 ends 9% higher but well off its 2016 highs.The index had rallied by as much as 20.6% in the year, reaching a record 7571.1 on September 7 but fell back as rising global interest rates made local yield stocks less attractive. More>

Human ego: A cruel and financially crippling master

2 January 2017

Morningstar: When making an investment, investors should ask themselves whether their decisions are based on intuition or ego, technical analyst Lesley Beath says. More>

Time to Rethink Emerging Markets?

2 January 2017

Morningstar: As emerging markets look more like the rest of the world, they may not provide the same diversification benefits they once did, writes Morningstar's Don Phillips. More>

Maxwell on the future of funding super

30 December 2016

Diane Maxwell: The cost of NZ Super is growing faster than GDP. Today NZ Super costs $30m a day. In 20 years, it will rise to $98m a day. With an optimistic lens we can say that Super will remain low as a proportion of GDP, relative to many OECD countries, but the argument ignores the other government costs that will increase, including health and aged care.  More>

Investors demand more transparency

30 December 2016

Morningstar: Enhanced disclosure of underlying assets held by fund managers is increasingly demanded by Australian investors of all sizes, from super funds to individual self-managed super fund (SMSF) trustees, and digital technology can help address this. More>

Sheen comes off NZ yield story

30 December 2016

NBR: New Zealand's benchmark S&P/NZX 50 Index reached a record in September but its 10% correction since then puts it on track for the slowest pace of growth in five years. The 2016 year also confounded many stock pickers. More>

Best and worst new ETFs of 2016

30 December 2016

Morningstar: Though there are plenty of choices on the ever-expanding menu of Exchange Traded Funds, investors' tastes are fairly basic. Of the 1,957 ETPs on offer, the top 100 as measured by assets under management accounted for 74% of the $2.5 trillion invested in exchane traded products at the end of November. More>

Obituary: John Body

28 December 2016 former Managing Director of ANZ's wealth business, John Body has died. "(Body) believed in helping more New Zealanders to understand more about retirement savings and helping New Zealand build on the foundation that KiwiSaver has provided." More>

Morningstar: what fund managers expect in 2017

28 December 2016

Morningstar: "If you thought 2016 was an up-and-down year, next year could be an even bumpier ride, say the investment pros we spoke with." More>