Ditch benchmarks advisers told

20 November 2016

Advisers are being urged to talk to their clients about the performance of their investments in terms of their goals, rather than referring to benchmarks and indexes. More>

US elections effect on KiwiSaver

18 November 2016

Craig Simpson sees the US election result as being broadly positive for more aggressive KiwiSaver investor balances. More>

Blockchain poised to revolutionise NZ financial services

18 November 2016

Blockchain is poised to revolutionise financial services delegates at New Zealand’s first fintech conference heard last week. InvestmentNewsNZ. More>

FMA gets set for new regime

18 November 2016

An increase in funding for the Financial Markets Authority brings with it a heightened need for transparency about how it allocates resources, its director of regulation says. More>

Non resident data skewed

18 November 2016

Data on non-resident purchases shows 3% of property buyers non-residents for tax purposes, but no way of knowing how many of the other 97% are foreign students or temporary workers; new survey detail due in May. More>

NZ Super Fund: case study in tilting

18 November 2016

NZ Super Fund's head of asset allocation David Iverson's case study in using investment beliefs: strategic tilting. More>

FMA: code changes must be adopted

16 November 2016

Advisers must have their business practices updated in line with the new Code of Conduct requirements by March 1, the Financial Markets Authority has warned. More>

Tower confident following quakes

16 November 2016

Tower confident it has enough reinsurance so the North Canterbury quakes won't set it back more than $7.2m; Share price falls as its investors wary 2010/11 quake hangover remains. More>

Auckland Unitary Plan live today

16 November 2016

Most of Auckland Council’s Unitary Plan becomes operative from today – taking the confusion out of whether resource consents will be granted under the old or new rules. More>

40% deposit rules impact

16 November 2016

The new 40% deposit rules for investors have clearly had an impact - but the jury is very much out on how long the impact lasts for. More>