Hawes and Forsyth Barr launch 'Summer' KiwiSaver

21 September 2016

Martin Hawes is chairman of the investment committee for Summer KiwiSaver. It is a relaunch of the existing Forsyth Barr KiwiSaver product, but Hawes said it was more than a rebrand and includes new technology to help make it easier for people to manage their own asset allocation decisions.  More> 

Banks and financial institutions should consider ethics: report

20 September 2016

Banks and other financial services firms should consider issues such as client satisfaction when establishing staff pay structures, according to a report on ethics in the banking and financial services sector says a report report,from Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand and Melbourne University's Centre for Ethical Leadership.  More> 

Fidelity appoints new directors

19 September 2016

Fidelity Life has expanded its board with the appointment of two new directors - one well-known in the investment and funds management world. The two new directors are Simon Botherway and Alan Gourdie. More> 

New Zealand’s tax system: Internal coherence is not enough

19 September 2016

The New Zealand tax system is largely robust. It taxes most forms of income and consumption at rates that are by and large perceived as fair. The overall tax take sits at about 30% of GDP, a rate that compares well with other OECD nations. Most people pay their taxes, mostly on time. That’s an indicator that there is a high degree of trust in the tax system and in government in general. Deborah Russell: Massey University. More> 

Rules around body corporates need tightening says Bernard Hickey

19 September 2016

Apartments can be part of the solution to Auckland's housing supply crisis and can be a foot on the ladder for a generation locked out of a traditional house on a section, but the Government will have to heed the warnings and take up the proposals for better regulation to reinforce and build confidence in these homes for decades to come. A failure risks adding insult to injury for an already struggling cohort of home buyers. More> 

KiwiSavers in dark over full fee figures

19 September 2016

Many KiwiSavers are in the dark over the individual costs to manage their money because most providers don't give the full dollar figure in annual member statements. NZ Herald. More> 

Morningstar: Where do long-term returns belong in the world of fintech?

19 September 2016

With the growing presence of technology and instant information in our industry, it is easy to question the relevance of a set of long-term numbers, closed off several months ago, says Morningstar’s Anthony Serhan.   Greater access to information through ever improving technology platforms is a given for investors and this industry. The way we educate members about market movements and returns becomes even more important in this environment. To read the full report click here>  (Login required)  

The great half-billion KiwiSaver home withdrawal

18 September 2016

Young KiwiSavers withdrew close to half a billion dollars from their savings pots in the past twelve months, just so they can get on the housing ladder. Now, there are concerns they have mortgaged their futures. More> 

Siah Hwee Ang on Brexit repercussions, turmoil in the South China Sea and more

17 September 2016

Professor Siah Hwee Ang, the BNZ Chair in Business in Asia at Victoria University. Top 10 by More> 

How to measure 'wellbeing'? New Motu research shows it's less about absolute income levels, much more about relative consumption levels

16 September 2016

A new study from Motu Economic and Public Policy Research Trust shows that the income measures commonly used by Government are not necessarily the best proxies for assessing poverty or subjective wellbeing. More>