How many Big Macs could you buy for the equivalent cost of a median priced Auckland house compared to Melbourne, Sydney and New York?

14 September 2016

Borrowing a leaf from the pages of the famous Big Mac Index developed by The Economist magazine to measure whether currencies in different countries are over or under-valued depending on their Big Mac purchasing power, developed its own Big Mac Property Index. More> 

Kiwis' debt pile now exceeds annual disposable income by nearly $100 billion

13 September 2016

David Hargreaves: Kiwis continue to get into hock on their houses at record levels, new quarterly household financial statistics from the Reserve Bank show. More> 

Insurers backing down from sum insured policies

13 September 2016

Competitive pressure is forcing insurers to back down from "sum insured" house policies, one expert says. After the Christchurch earthquakes, almost all the country's insurers switched their house cover policies from "full replacement" cover - which would pay out whatever it cost to rebuild a house in the event of a disaster - to "sum insured", where the insured and insurer agree on an amount to be covered. More> 

David Hargreaves says National is getting into deep water by trading off education revenues for easy access to New Zealand's job market for migrants

13 September 2016

"I think this Government has used migration in a most cynical and actually lazy way to boost the economy (though crucially GDP per capita growth has lagged) in the short term. But in doing so it's running big longer term risks." More> 

Russell Investments warns on NZ market’s ability to handle Kiwisaver funds

12 September 2016

Global asset manager Russell Investments has warned New Zealand needs to have more companies listed on the stock market and more equity managers who actively manage their portfolios due to the large flow of Kiwisaver funds seeking. BusinessDesk. More> 

Confusion over sources of financial "advice" blamed on advisers

12 September 2016

The Commission for Financial Capability appeared to link consumer confusion over where to seek for advice the lack of growth in 'non-bank' advice. But the comments clearly touched a nerve with many advisers arguing strongly that the cause for confusion was that too many people were labelled 'advisers' as Simon Hassan wrote in comments on the story.Chatswood Consulting. More> 

FMA: revised Code of Professional Conduct for AFAs approved

12 September 2016

The revised Code of Professional Conduct for authorised financial advisers (AFAs) has been approved by the Minister of Commerce and Consumer Affairs Paul Goldsmith. AFAs are required to meet the minimum standards of professional conduct set out in the Code. FMA. More> 

The Nation: Ashley Church, Shamubeel Eaqub, and John Bolton

12 September 2016

On The Nation: CEO of the Property Institute, Ashley Church, is calling on the Government, the Reserve Bank, and local councils to bring down Auckland’s property prices without crashing the market. More> 

Antipodean housing booms could drive NZ dollar to historic parity with Australia

12 September 2016

Housing booms in New Zealand and Australia could be putting the neighbours' currencies on course to reach parity for the first time ever. More> 

Investment advisers offer to keep clients on track

12 September 2016

There are now fewer than 1800 independent investment advisers operating in New Zealand and many surveys have shown that most of us are unwilling pay much, if anything at all, for financial advice - even if it sets us up for a much better future. More>