The NZX's Mandy Simpson on RBNZ, Kiwisaver fees, blockchain being used for AML and more

11 September 2016 Today’s Top 10 is a guest post from NZX Chief Operating Officer Mandy Simpson. Mandy is also on the board of NZ Tech. More> 

CFFC: Kiwis ignore millions offered by Government

10 September 2016

There are now fewer than 1800 independent investment advisers operating in New Zealand and many surveys have shown that most of us are unwilling pay much, if anything at all, for financial advice - even if it sets us up for a much better future. More> 

Shamubeel Eaqub: How high will Kiwi house prices go?

10 September 2016

OPINION: It is almost impossible to avoid talking or writing about house prices. The average Auckland house price cracked $1 million in August. The OECD reckons our house prices are the most overvalued relative to rents and the second most over-valued relative to incomes. More> 

Tower in dangerously hot water

9 September 2016

Tower braces for $16.2m drop in net profit as Deloitte tells it to hike its Canterbury quake provisions due to it spending more on litigation and over-cap EQC claims; Share price hits 12-year low.  More>  

KiwiSaver members lack knowledge on fees

9 September 2016

Most New Zealanders are clueless about KiwiSaver fees and not much better informed about their funds’ performance, a new survey has shown.  More>  

RIG to launch into pension transfers

8 September 2016

RIG, which offers the country’s first variable annuity product, is to launch a pension transfer scheme within the next couple of months. Chief executive Ralph Stewart said he hoped it would be live by mid-October. More>  

Police: Kiwisaver Cluster Munitions Act assessment complete

8 September 2016

The Police, in consultation with the Financial Markets Authority (FMA), have completed an assessment into whether the Cluster Munitions Act (Act) is likely to have been breached by New Zealand KiwiSaver fund managers.Police and FMA complete assessment – Kiwisaver / Cluster Munitions Act. NZ Police / Scoop.  More>  

Sovereign loses distribution boss

8 September 2016

Sovereign chief distribution officer Richard Klipin is leaving the company, after joining it less than a year ago. His departure comes as the insurer conducts a shake-up of its senior management team, which is expected to affect at least five roles. More>  

John Tookey: The mess we are in: Why private firms won’t solve the housing affordability problem

8 September 2016

We know that whatever is the cause of the bubble, the only way ultimately we can get out of this situation is by making more houses available for purchase by customers. So how to achieve this? AUT. More> 

KiwiSaver fallout: 'it's time to rewrite laws'

8 September 2016

Surely, if the MPs who created the anti-nuke laws had thought New Zealand pension schemes like KiwiSaver could possibly end up owning shares in American corporations which maintained US nuke bases, they'd have specifically outlawed it. More>