The Economy Hub: Good times roll as economy picks up.

8 September 2016

New Zealand's economy is on a roll, says ANZ chief economist Cameron Bagrie talking with NZ Herald business editor at large Liam Dann. More>  

Old strategies to fund retirement won't cut it anymore

8 September 2016

OPINION: Times have changed. Gone are the days when you could retire with a debt-free home and live off the interest from a nest egg invested in bank deposits. More>  

Kiwi robo rules may be similar to Australia's

7 September 2016

New Zealand's future roboadvice providers may have to work to similar standards to those now being imposed on Australian operators.  Good Returns.  More>  

Finnotec 2016: financial technology conference

7 September 2016

Finnotec 2016, which is organised by SavvyKiwi, is bringing together the thought leaders in the financial innovation and technology communities from both here in NZ as well as overseas, to debate and discuss how to prepare ourselves for impending changes. More>

Industry must embrace change: CFFC

7 September 2016

Commission for Financial Capability: “The industry has got to evolve and change and provide advice in a way so people get what they want when they want it. Not just trying to fit square pegs into a square hole. Everyone knows non-bank advice is not growing and there needs to be other choices.” Good Returns.  More>  

Peter Neilson: Why I agreed to become a Trustee for Simplicity KiwiSaver

7 September 2016

I have agreed to become a Trustee for Simplicity the new, low fee, not for profit KiwiSaver provider. I am also putting my money where my mouth is by transferring the $150,000 in my current KiwiSaver account into the Simplicity growth fund. Press release.  More>  

RBNZ decides to further extend the exemption from LVR rules for newly constructed homes

7 September 2016

New house buyers are going to be cut more slack by the Reserve Bank under the terms of the revised LVR rules coming into effect on October 1. Buyers will now have six months after a house has been built to buy it.>  

The trend towards selling non-underwritten cover is growing

6 September 2016

The cost of convenience. Advisers are going to find a lot more of these clients in the next few years. What’s going on, and why? Good Returns / Russell Hutchinson. More>

Look under the bonnet of bond benchmarks

6 September 2016

The average maturity of widely-followed fixed interest indices has quietly been extending longer and longer. David Scobie, senior consultant at Mercer, takes a look at the potential implications for investor portfolios. Good Returns. More>

Lending restriction effect dubious as average Auckland house price heads towards $1m mark

5 September 2016

The average price of an Auckland property is tipped to hit a million dollars this week. Will the Reserve Bank's third attempt at tightening lending restrictions will have a long term impact. More>