Blackrock sends in equity-fund manager clones

7 April 2017

Morningstar: You've been automated! The news that BlackRock sidelined seven of its equity-fund managers didn't make many front pages, but within the small world of professional money management it was a big story indeed. More>  

Economist Bill Rosenberg runs the ruler over NZ Super cost predictions

5 April 2017 Economist Bill Rosenberg runs the ruler over NZ Super cost predictions, and argues it's not as scary as we've been told; Calls for a proper debate on population policy. More>

Warminger appeals High Court ruling

5 April 2017 Former Milford Asset Management portfolio manager Mark Warminger is appealing a High Court decision that he manipulated the market twice in 2014. More>

FMA's Colmar Brunton research

5 April 2017

 FMA: The FMA commissioned Colmar Brunton to survey New Zealanders aged between 60 and 74 years, to find out their experiences of retirement and how information or advice has helped them manage their retirement savings.  More>

Adrian Orr: NZ Super - Debunking common myths

5 April 2017

NZ Herald: "Recent public comments illustrate that many people don't understand what the New Zealand Super Fund is and what it does, and the role of The Treasury."  More>

Brexit and Trump have hogged the headlines but keep an eye on developments within China

5 April 2017; Brexit and the US presidential election captured much of the world’s attention in the second half of 2016. The UK recently triggered Article 50, starting the process of Brexit, while the effects of the US election are ongoing.  More>

Comparative Approaches to Genetic Discrimination

5 April 2017

Trends in genetics: Genetic discrimination (GD) is one of the most pervasive issues associated with genetic research and its large-scale implementation. An increasing number of countries have adopted public policies to address this issue. (Academic research).  More>

One in seven Kiwis should be in financial 'intensive care', says Commission for Financial Capability

3 April 2017 The government's money education agency says 14 per cent of Kiwis should be sent straight to financial "intensive care". More>

RBNZ considers whether to take a more 'graduated approach' in monitoring insurers' solvency

3 April 2017 RBNZ considers whether to: take a more 'graduated approach' in monitoring insurers' solvency, make insurers disclose as much information as banks, and require all insurers that operate in NZ to be locally incorporated. More>

Take my advice, says money manager Warren Couillault

3 April 2017

NZ Herald: Warren Couillault came close to disappearing from public life over the past nine years, but now he is making a comeback. More>