No laws broken by KiwiSaver schemes, expert says

28 August 2016

A suggestion that KiwiSaver providers might have broken laws by investing in companies that make weapons has been dismissed by one financial law expert. There has been an outcry over revelations that some schemes have holdings in landmine producers, cluster-bomb makers and nuclear weapon-producers.  More>

Human rights and KiwiSaver: Death penalty, extra-judicial killings, and repression

27 August 2016

It's time to talk about the human rights records of the country's KiwiSavers schemes, says the chairman of the Human Rights Foundation.  The past two weeks has seen the re-emergence of concern over KiwiSaver schemes investing in land mine and cluster bomb makers.  More>

Adrian Orr: Finding right path on risk

26 August 2016

Global Public Investors have been expanding into newer asset classes, searching for ever more elusive returns and striving for deeper, more efficient, capital markets while seeking the right policies to handle financial risks.  More> 

Reserve Bank tells insurers data not good enough

26 August 2016

Insurers have been given a warning that they need to start offering the Reserve Bank better data – or face sanctions.  More>

Sovereign leadership shake-up

26 August 2016

 Industry sources said the changes could affect roles including the chief financial officer, Linda Page, chief transformation officer, Darrin Bull, chief health officer, Len Elikhis, and chief officer of customer management and product, Rebecca Russell. More>

KiwiSaver media hype "unwarranted"

25 August 2016

Craig Simpson discusses the KiwiSaver ethical & socially responsible investment options and thinks the current media hype is unwarranted.  "Let's be perfectly clear, KiwiSaver managers are not deliberately investing in "unethical" investments. Rather they are gaining exposures via their investments in third party manager's funds, or exchange traded index funds." More> 

Formal Financial Advice NZ conversations start next month

25 August 2016

More of the countries’ adviser associations will be approached more formally early next month about the possibility of becoming involved with Financial Advice New Zealand. The new professional association, to represent financial advisers, is being developed by the Institute of Financial Advisers and the Professional Advisers Association.  More> 

Public sector pensions invested in weapons

25 August 2016

The retirement savings of tens of thousands of public servants, including a handful of MPs, are being reviewed by the State Services Commission after it was revealed some of the money is invested in companies making cluster bombs.  More> 

Workplace Savings NZ Quarterly KIWISAVER Survey released

25 August 2016

Workplace Savings NZ Quarterly KiwiSaver survey for the period ending 30 June 2016 has revealed some winners and some losers.  Compared to 31 March the Generate KiwiSaver Scheme is growing quite fast, while all the other schemes are reasonably static in comparison.   Generate grew from 17,681 to 21,225 members over the quarter.

Workplace Savings and Women in Super invite you to a lunch presentation with Kirk Hope, Chief Executive of BusinessNZ.

24 August 2016

Join us for lunch as Mr Hope talks to 'Beyond milk and China - the diversification of the NZ economy and prospects for growth.' Mr Hope considers the outlook for business and the financial services industry. More>