Mortgage arrears down but still billions in problem loans

19 August 2016

New Zealand homeowners with loans worth more than $3 billion have fallen behind on their mortgage payments.The big four banks had a total of $3.1 billion in past-due loans on their books in their most recent statements. These are loans that have not yet been classed as "impaired assets" by the banks - they still think they can expect to see repayments eventually.

KiwiSaver "invested in cluster bombs, land mines and nukes"

19 August 2016

Searching the datafiles for the names of companies involved with industries you want to avoid is easy, and reveals that not much has changed since Stuff broke the cluster bomb, land mines and nukes story in August last year.

Morrison defends cuts to superannuation tax concessions

18 August 2016

Australian treasurer Scott Morrison has defended his contentious cuts to superannuation tax concessions, warning failure to pare back the generous benefits will foist higher taxes on working-age people.

Investing in foreign investment funds - a tax comparison of Pies and AUTs

18 August 2016

Avoiding Pies may reduce tax bill, says research report by Consilium. "Which investment structure results in paying the least amount of tax? and, which investment structure is more convenient to administer?"

KiwiSaver fees rising, but savers becoming more active, Canstar finds

17 August 2016

Canstar New Zealand general manager Jose George says: "All other things being equal, those [fee] differences can eat into your retirement savings over time."

Performance fees' days may be numbered

17 August 2016

More fund managers may follow Forsyth Barr’s lead and drop performance fees, as the Financial Markets Conduct Act regulations kick in, it has been claimed.

Roboadvice conference planned for Auckland

17 August 2016

Technology has been furiously catching up with the financial services sector in recent years - at an overwhelming pace. There is much you can learn from the experience overseas with the disruptive force of financial technology ('fintech'). For business success it is equally crucial to keep track of home-grown fintech innovation.

Call for more scrutiny of regulators

17 August 2016

Financial services providers are becoming ever more familiar with the Financial Markets Authority in its industry oversight role – but who is keeping an eye on the regulators?

AMP launches QROPS product

17 August 2016

Migrants looking for someone to help transfer their pensions to New Zealand are not necessarily in the market for a big-name provider or the cheapest fees, it has been argued.

Helping KiwiSaver members make better financial decisions

16 August 2016

New trial uses behavioural psychology to help KiwiSaver members make better financial decision.