Submission on the Financial Markets Conduct Bill

26 April 2012

Read our submission on the Financial Markets Conduct Bill here.

New approach to retirement planning

15 March 2012

Many people have no idea of the costs of retirement and are ill-prepared for it, according to a group promoting financial education.  But trying to "scare the pants off" people into saving for the retirement has simply not worked, according to Retirement Commissioner Diana Crossan.

The real cost of living in retirement

14 March 2012

New research being sponsored by Workplace Savings NZ will show the real costs being faced by current retirees and highlight what is needed for retirement lifestyles in New Zealand.

Govt dispute resolution scheme in the gun

9 February 2012

The government's Financial Dispute Resolution (FDR) scheme is under fire, with critics saying it shouldn't be subsidised to compete against private operators.

Kiwibank buys GMI

18 January 2012

State-owned lender Kiwibank has struck a deal to purchase Gareth Morgan Investments (GMI), including its KiwiSaver Scheme.

$300m KiwiSaver plan 'adds little to savings'

16 January 2012

A Treasury report to Finance Minister Bill English reveals officials doubted whether a $300 million one-off auto-enrolment in KiwiSaver would deliver a worthwhile boost to national savings. Treasury initially advised against the Government's plan because of the small impact it would have on savings.

Jargonbusters bring financial world to heel

10 January 2012

As anyone who has ever battled with an impenetrable wall of financial gobbledygook knows, deciphering such twaddle can often cause rising blood pressure and much tearing of hair.

AMP NZ and Gareth Morgan Investments share the stage for superior communications

13 December 2011

AMP NZ and Gareth Morgan Investments took top honours at the Workplace Savings NZ Communication Awards.

KiwiSaver fund rankings released

13 December 2011

The first independent research to look past headline returns and try to predict the future prospects of KiwiSaver nest eggs concluded the big funds offered ''pretty good'' value for money.