Budget announcements - superannuation

29 May 2009

Automatic Government contributions to the New Zealand Superannuation Fund will be suspended for 11 years. And KiwiSaver mortgage diversion facilities will be closed to new applicants from 1 June. 

Professionals split over KiwiSaver

16 April 2009

Finance and accounting professionals are split over KiwiSaver, with almost half of them not contributing to the scheme, according to results from a survey carried out by recruitment firm Robert Half.

Super reports stress long term

2 April 2009

AUSTRALIA - Superannuation reports will make long-term returns much more prominent on statements in order to highlight the long term nature of the investments.  From now on, all super report statements will be required to show five-year returns in member statements with ten year returns added as of next year.

KiwiSaver change should be no suprise - English

10 December 2008

It should be no surprise that employees in KiwiSaver with bosses who pay above the current minimum will have to pay extra tax, Finance Minister Bill English said this morning.

KiwiSaver survey shows higher levels of understanding

6 October 2008

Despite global financial market turmoil more New Zealanders understand what KiwiSaver is all about and are using it to save for their retirement, a new survey shows.

More mortgages qualify for KiwiSaver mortgage diversion

15 September 2008

Amendments to the mortgage diversion regulations signed by Order in Council today allow more types of mortgages to qualify for the mortgage diversion facility.

Offsetting Employer KiwiSaver Contributions

12 September 2008

On 3 September a rushed amendment to the Employment Relations Act was passed that impacts on every employer offsetting their contributions to KiwiSaver within the remuneration package paid to employees.   The prospect of total remuneration arrangements being under threat had been signalled as long ago as July - what had not been anticipated had been the lack of consultation that occurred with the wording of the amendments made, and the possible far reaching implications.  

Seniors protest against rules on foreign pensions

24 July 2008

Septuagenarian protesters greeted Social Development Minister Ruth Dyson at an Auckland Grey Power meeting yesterday with placards demanding their rights to foreign pensions.

Evaluation of the impacts of KiwiSaver on New Zealand’s superannuation market

4 July 2008

The Ministry of Economic Development has commenced a study of the impacts of KiwiSaver on New Zealand's superannuation market and the wider financial sector. As part of this study a number of industry participants will be asked to take part in a workshop or interview.   Read more....