OPINION: Time to wind up the NZ Super Fund

29 March 2017

NBR: Chief executive Adrian Orr – supposedly a neutral public servant – has been openly making the case for more money to be put into the fund. PAID CONTENT. More>

Global Sustainable Investment Review 2016 released

29 March 2017

The Global Sustainable Investment Alliance (GSIA) released its biennial Global Sustainable Investment Review 2016, showing that global sustainable investment assets reached $22.89 trillion at the start of 2016, a 25% increase from 2014. More>

Time to test if universal benefit works

29 March 2017 New Zealand is being urged to try offering a no-strings-attached universal basic income, to replace the existing welfare system. More>

Growing KiwiSaver balances mean people can't put off writing a Will

29 March 2017 Growing KiwiSaver balances could spell trouble for New Zealanders who do not have a will.It is estimated that more than half of all New Zealanders over the age of 18 have not yet drafted one. More>

FMA seeks tighter disclosure of non-GAAP measures

29 March 2017

NBR: The Financial Markets Authority has proposed an update to its guidance for companies who use financial information that doesn't follow generally accepted international rules after a survey found three-quarters of them emphasised numbers that made profits look bigger. More>

More AFAs and Govt eyeing ways to keep them

27 March 2017

Goodreturns: New statistics from the Financial Markets Authority show that more authorised financial advisers joined the industry than left over the 12 months to June 30. More>

Will financial market reforms reduce the impact of another global shock?

27 March 2017

NBR: Will financial market reforms reduce the impact of another global shock? by NBR Radio from desktop or your mobile device. More>

Four KiwiSaver schemes yet to ditch weapons investments

27 March 2017

Radio New Zealand: Some KiwiSaver funds are still investing in banned weapons despite making promises to get rid of the holdings. More>

Retirees now face 30 years on meagre income

27 March 2017

Northern Advocate: While it is possible to live from week to week on a low income for a few years, increased life expectancy means that retirees now face spending perhaps 30 years or so on a meagre income. More>

New Zealand's superannuation housing plan

27 March 2017 Accessing superannuation for a home loan deposit is something which New Zealanders are able to do. In Australia the debate continues, but it's not just the traditional first home buyer seeking to tap into their retirement funds. More>