Responsible Investing: implications for everyone in financial markets

27 March 2017

Goodreturns: The essence of responsible investing (RI) is not its focus on environmental, social and governance issues (ESG) – these get the headlines but are about implementation. The essence of RI is simply to change investor and corporate horizons from the short-term to the long-term. RI is about shifting the focus from maximising near term returns to generating long-term sustainable returns. More>

Govt tells KiwiSaver providers to act quickly on weapons' investments

24 March 2017

NZ Herald: The government won't put a deadline on when it expects KiwiSaver providers to exit investments in banned weapons' makers instead insisting they should act as "quickly as possible." More>

What have future generations ever done for me?

24 March 2017

His stake is in the ground. Prime Minister Bill English is progressively raising superannuation age of eligibility from 65 to 67. The change will be complete by 2040, but won’t start until 1st July 2037, twenty whole years away. No one born before 30th June 1972 will be affected. More>

BNZ adopts ethical screen on investments

24 March 2017

 Goodreturns: BNZ has announced it will drop its investments in companies involved in the production of cluster munitions, anti-personnel mines, nuclear weapons and tobacco or tobacco products. More>

U.K. should increase retirement age faster, new report recommends

24 March 2017

A faster increase in the state pension age, an end to guaranteed increases of pension benefits and a midlife check to help people take stock of their work, health and retirement have been recommended in a final report reviewing the U.K. state pension age. More>

Who Is Buying Bond ETFs? Why Are They Buying Them?

24 March 2017

Morningstar: This article explores a few notable use cases, and it will also show that performance is not always the most critical factor that investors consider when selecting fixed-income ETFs. More>

RBNZ’s geopolitical concerns now ‘extensive’

24 March 2017

BusinessDesk: The Reserve Bank’s concerns about geopolitical uncertainties have been upgraded to “extensive” at a time when US President Donald Trump is facing a tougher battle in winning over legislators to enact his regulatory and tax reforms and introduce major infrastructure spending. More>

Are Interval Funds the Next Big Thing?

22 March 2017

Morningstar: Interval funds are close cousins of closed-end funds, or CEFs, but they offer a unique set of pros and cons for investors. PIMCO made headlines last month when it launched an interval fund (PIMCO Flexible Credit Income) and registered to raise $1 billion in assets. More>

Kiwisaver: Some frequently asked questions

22 March 2017

NZ Herald: This is the third and final instalment in a series of articles looking at the important assumptions and decisions one needs to make when forecasting what nest-egg one might achieve with a long-term investment plan using a KiwiSaver scheme. More>

Super storm

22 March 2017

Otago Daily Times magazine: Squabbling about the retirement age is bailing out the dinghy as a tornado approaches. Bruce Munro looks at the perfect storm brewing on the horizon and asks whether we even know in which direction to row. More>