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No monitoring team, no plan for AFAs: FMA

17 March 2017

Goodreturns: The Financial Markets Authority has revealed it has no staff members specifically tasked with monitoring financial advisers, and no set plan of how to do so. More>

FMA: code changes must be adopted

16 November 2016

Advisers must have their business practices updated in line with the new Code of Conduct requirements by March 1, the Financial Markets Authority has warned. More>

Hawes and Forsyth Barr launch 'Summer' KiwiSaver

21 September 2016

Martin Hawes is chairman of the investment committee for Summer KiwiSaver. It is a relaunch of the existing Forsyth Barr KiwiSaver product, but Hawes said it was more than a rebrand and includes new technology to help make it easier for people to manage their own asset allocation decisions.  More> 

Confusion over sources of financial "advice" blamed on advisers

12 September 2016

The Commission for Financial Capability appeared to link consumer confusion over where to seek for advice the lack of growth in 'non-bank' advice. But the comments clearly touched a nerve with many advisers arguing strongly that the cause for confusion was that too many people were labelled 'advisers' as Simon Hassan wrote in comments on the story.Chatswood Consulting. More>