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Reserve Bank updates its assessment of money laundering

10 April 2017

Press release: The Reserve Bank today published an updated assessment of the money laundering and terrorism financing risks that face the financial sector. More>  

Estimated compliance costs of anti-money laundering net fall

15 March 2017 Justice Minister Amy Adams says estimated compliance costs of extending anti-money laundering net have fallen by as much as half to between $800 mln and $1.1 bn. More>

Government strives to clean up FSPR

22 February 2017 The Government is considering making companies include detail of who their supervisor is under the Anti-Money Laundering and Countering Financing of Terrorism Act (AML/CFT Act) as it strives to clean up the Financial Service Providers Register (FSPR). More>

DIA at anti-money laundering symposium

21 December 2016

The Department of Internal Affairs represented New Zealand at an international forum in Washington of supervisors who combat money laundering and terrorism financing.Scoop press release.  More>

RPRC on justice and equity in retirement

21 December 2016

The University of Auckland's M.Claire Dale and Susan St John recognises both the complexities of how to treat people with overseas state pensions and the requirement for justice and equity when dealing with people’s savings for retirement.  Retirement Policy and Research Centre. More>

FMA anti-money laundering monitoring increased

9 December 2016

The Financial Markets Authority (FMA), in combination with the Police, will ramp up training for the 800 entities it supervises for compliance with anti-money laundering laws after they filed just 47 suspicious transaction reports over a full year. More>

Treasury NZ Super Fund model updated

9 December 2016

The Treasury has released an update to its New Zealand Superannuation Fund Contribution Rate Model. More>

Morgan: NZ should tax homes?

9 December 2016

IRD mortgages for the elderly, and other things Gareth Morgan has planned. More>

Maybe you can afford to quit - it might cost less than you think to never work again

23 September 2016

It's a great dream, but bringing it into reality takes courage to let go of everything you have built up and accept the risk that you might not have enough. It's called FU Money; the amount of money you need to say: "F-You, I quit!"  More> 

Banks, accountants' lobby groups push for new Australian-style single anti-money laundering regulator

21 September 2016

The industry bodies for both banks and accountants are calling on the Government to establish a new, single supervisor to oversee compliance with the Anti-Money Laundering and Countering the Financing of Terrorism Act as it moves to extend the Act. In contrast, the New Zealand Law Society wants to supervise lawyers' compliance itself.  More>