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New Zealand's superannuation housing plan

27 March 2017 Accessing superannuation for a home loan deposit is something which New Zealanders are able to do. In Australia the debate continues, but it's not just the traditional first home buyer seeking to tap into their retirement funds. More>

Aussie super industry unites to oppose super for home loans

17 March 2017

 Money Management magazine: Rumours that the Government may use the May Budget to allow people to access their superannuation to place a deposit on a new home has succeeded in uniting all sections of the superannuation industry in vehemently opposing such a step. More>

ASIC new subplan disclosure requirements

23 January 2017

FTSE Global Markets: Australian market regulator ASIC has written to trustees of superannuation funds with employer subplans reminding them of the requirement to publicly disclose transparency information for those subplans from July 1st this year. More>

Aussie superannuation rules make inheritance, capital gains issues complex

23 January 2017

The New Daily: The raft of changes to the new superannuation system to commence from July 1 have just made the thorny issue of inheritance even more difficult for high value balances of $1.6 million or more. And they bring out some tricky issues relating to capital gains tax as well. More>

Aussie super in need of 'radical change'

11 January 2017

The Australian: Richard Holden says that if Aussie super is to be more of a substitute for, rather than a supplement to, the pension, then big, structural changes need to be made. More>