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Catching up needed for bank regulation

15 March 2017 Martien Lubberink says NZ has some catching up to do from a bank regulatory capital perspective as the RBNZ embarks on a review. More>

Reserve Bank publishes final outsourcing policy decisions

3 February 2017

RBNZ press release: The Reserve Bank has published its final policy decisions on a revised outsourcing policy for locally incorporated registered banks. More>

Regulation of finance doesn’t absolve from risks – RBNZ

4 September 2016

The Reserve Bank’s regulation and supervision of financial institutions doesn’t absolve their boards and managers from their responsibility to manage risks, the bank’s head of prudential supervision Toby Fiennes has argued in a speech to the NZ Bankers Association in Auckland. BusinessDesk.  More>

How Minister Smith Could Deal with Land Banking

4 September 2016

The Housing Minister appears to have abandoned his previous housing affordability goals. He wants to see housing prices return to single digit inflation and not fall. This means that the only way to return housing to affordable levels is for incomes to grow faster than house prices. Realistically this will take decades to happen; few of us will see affordable housing in our lifetime. Morgan Foundation. More>

Consistent approach has promoted robust banking system

4 September 2016

The Reserve Bank says that its consistent principles and approach to banking supervision have helped create a strong, robust banking system. Scoop/RBNZ press release.  More>