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NZ Bond Yields Push Higher

21 April 2017

NBR: The spread between New Zealand's longer-dated bonds and their US equivalent increased as higher-than-expected domestic inflation helped solidify market expectations the central bank will be lifting rates sooner that it's forecasting. More>  

Who Is Buying Bond ETFs? Why Are They Buying Them?

24 March 2017

Morningstar: This article explores a few notable use cases, and it will also show that performance is not always the most critical factor that investors consider when selecting fixed-income ETFs. More>

Active Bond Funds Holding Their Own

22 March 2017

The latest update to the Morningstar active/passive barometer reveals that actively managed bond funds are much more likely to beat their benchmarks than equity funds. More>

After the Fed: What some top bond-fund managers are saying

20 March 2017

NZ Herald / AP: Rising rates don't have to mean despair for bond-fund investors.Yes, the Federal Reserve raised short-term rates Wednesday, the latest move higher in what economists expect to be a long campaign. Bond investors have historically seen rising rates as the enemy because they result in falling prices for the bonds they own. More>

Do You Want Currency Risk in Your Bond Fund?

3 March 2017

Morningstar: For the five years ended Jan. 31, 2017, the unhedged Bloomberg Barclays Global Aggregate Bond Index--which has sizable exposures to the euro and Japanese yen, along with a smattering of other currencies--delivered a paltry annualized gain of just 0.1%, much less than the 3.3% produced by the index’s U.S. dollar-hedged version.  More>

8 Incredibly Low-Risk Bond Funds

1 March 2017

Morningstar: Low-risk bond funds are a handy thing. If you are putting away money for a near-term expenditure like tuition in a couple of years or a house in three years, low-risk bond funds, along with money markets and certificates of deposit, can serve a valuable purpose. More>

2016 bad year for stock picking

9 January 2017

CNBC/Yahoo Finance: 2016 was a terrible year for stock picking, and 2017 may not get much better. Professional stock pickers just wrapped up one of their worst years ever, and the look ahead doesn't seem a whole lot better.  More>

Bond fund duration and rate sensitivity

6 January 2017

Over the last year, Morningstar has found that bond funds were less sensitive to rates than their reported durations would suggest. It says that bond fund duration may overstate rate sensitivity. More>

Bond funds: year in review

28 December 2016

Bond Funds Year in Review: This has been anything but a quiet year for bond-fund investors. It has been tale of many markets, says Morningstar. More>

Morningstar: don't sell out bonds

30 November 2016

While the outlook is mixed for bond prices, bond funds still have an important role to play in investors' portfolios, according to Morningstar. More>