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Willis Towers Watson creeps towards funds management model

1 May 2017

InvestmentNewsNZ: Willis Towers Watson is morphing into a fund manager, just as its main global competitors have done. And it is going to try to do it as a seamless offering in a spectrum of services for big super fund clients. Good luck with that. More>  

Matt Whineray: Active versus passive investment

17 April 2017 One of the topics brought up in recent debates about the New Zealand Superannuation Fund is the difference between active and passive investment. More>  

The Bill for HIdden Private Equity Fees: $4bn

17 April 2017

Institutional Investor: As public pension plans in the U.S. increasingly invest in private equity and other alternatives, funds may be paying more than $4 billion annually in unreported fees, according to Pew Charitable Trusts. More>  

New laws fall short around fund fee disclosure

7 April 2017

 NZ Herald: Regulators and politicians publicly wring their hands and despair at the fact that many New Zealanders choose to invest in residential property rather than "productive" investment in the stock market. More>  

Blackrock sends in equity-fund manager clones

7 April 2017

Morningstar: You've been automated! The news that BlackRock sidelined seven of its equity-fund managers didn't make many front pages, but within the small world of professional money management it was a big story indeed. More>  

Warminger decision "useful clarification of a difficult law"

10 March 2017

Chapman Tripp: The judgment is of significant interest to participants in the New Zealand market, both in the examination of the notoriously elusive legal elements that make up this prohibition and in the Court's treatment of the facts underlying the two alleged breaches that were upheld and the eight that were not. More>