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RBNZ: insurers risk eroding solvency buffers

12 December 2016

RBNZ concerned insurers risk eroding their solvency buffers and reducing their flexibility to manage a crisis if they keep dishing out large dividends. More>

Banks vulnerable to underinsurance

5 December 2016

Question marks remain over whether banks will be caught swimming naked if the tide goes out and New Zealand is hit with another major earthquake. More>

Insurers monitored by AM Best

21 November 2016

Insurer credit rating agency AM Best to closely monitor implications for the financial strength of insurers with significant exposure to earthquake hit regions. More>

KPMG: big changes for insurance industry

7 November 2016

KPMG's analysts warn that it is only a matter of time before peer-to-peer insurance comes to New Zealand and the big insurance companies operating in the market find they have new competitors to deal with. More>

FSC members want to see advisers' value highlighted

3 November 2016

Insurers are hoping the Financial Services Council will take on a strong advocacy role for advisers as its new chief executive takes control. More>

The future of insurance in the digital world

1 September 2016

Is the New Zealand insurance industry keeping up with the fast-paced digital world? With modern Kiwi consumers wanting a more interactive and transparent experience, are insurers and brokers able to utilise new technologies to meet consumer expectations and improve their customer service, reputation, actuarial ability, and profit margins? More>

Reserve Bank tells insurers data not good enough

26 August 2016

Insurers have been given a warning that they need to start offering the Reserve Bank better data – or face sanctions.  More>