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ANZ's Hisco on apartments, LVRs and more

7 November 2016

Hisco comments on the volume of Auckland apartment developments falling over, the Reserve Bank's new LVR restrictions and the regulator's plan for debt-to-income ratio restrictions. More>

Insurer Youi fined maximum $100,000 by Insurance Council for dodgy sales tactics

5 October 2016

South African-owned insurer Youi has been fined the maximum financial penalty of $100,000 by the Insurance Council following a disciplinary process over misleading sales practices and has been warned any future misconduct will risk it being ousted as a member. NZ Herald. More> 

New LVR rules expected to slow housing debt, which is growing at its fastest pace in more than eight years

3 October 2016

The level of housing debt taken on by Kiwis is growing at its fastest pace in more than eight years. New Zealanders' housing debt swelled by almost $2 billion in August - a 9.2% increase from August last year - according to the Reserve Bank’s monthly sector credit figures. More> 

Steep decline in investor lending

27 September 2016

New Reserve Bank mortgage lending data leaves little doubt that the new investor-targeted LVRs have had a significant impact on bank lending to investors - lending to Auckland landlords dropped by almost 20%. More> 

The Government needs to get involved in helping to provide a level playing field for entrants into the housing market

26 September 2016

The latest calls by the Property Institute for first home buyers to be exempt from LVR restrictions fall into the usual category of such comments; well intended but naive and simplistic. More> 

How Auckland house flipping can be used to rort the RBNZ restrictions on high LVR mortgages

24 August 2016

Flipping is seeing property buyers game the Reserve Bank’s loan-to-value ratio (LVR) restrictions on bank mortgages.More>