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Forum: Retirement Policy in an Age of Uncertainty

12 April 2017

Retirement Policy and Research Centre forum: Two overseas experts will bring an international perspective to the forum and outline the best-practice thinking on future uncertainties in Australia, US, UK and Ireland. More>  

Forum: Retirement Policy in an Age of Uncertainty

31 March 2017

There is much concern here and abroad about what the future holds for retirement policy. Brexit and the Trump election have profound implications for what is happening in the Ireland, England and the US. Australia has its own set of uncertainties and is in the midst of farreaching reform. More>

Populism and the future of Central Banking

16 January 2017 The challenge is to try to keep short term political quick-fixes from doing predictable long term damage, and ensure that monetary and fiscal policies work together effectively.  More>

Contemporary issues in monetary policy

23 December 2016

Treasury: In October 2016, the Treasury held a workshop exploring contemporary issues in monetary policy. To support this workshop, the Treasury commissioned two papers from international experts, which it is now releasing. More>

Further TAA consultation announced

9 December 2016

Submissions are sought on detailed proposals for amendments to the Tax Administration Act which build on earlier proposals released for consultation in November 2015. More>

Retirement Commissioner mocks policy failure

2 December 2016

The retirement commissioner has broken with staid civil service tradition by releasing a mockumentary-style teaser trailer to publicise the release of her three-yearly retirement policy recommendations. More>

Lessons from unconventional monetary policy for New Zealand

31 August 2016

Over the weekend, central bankers from around the world met at Jackson Hole in Wyoming to discuss unconventional monetary policy and lessons for the future. Closer to home, the RBNZ has itself moved closer to unchartered territory, cutting the OCR to an all-time low of 2.00% in August, projecting further reductions, and publishing two scenarios that would push the OCR to around 1.00%. More>