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FMA seeks tighter disclosure of non-GAAP measures

29 March 2017

NBR: The Financial Markets Authority has proposed an update to its guidance for companies who use financial information that doesn't follow generally accepted international rules after a survey found three-quarters of them emphasised numbers that made profits look bigger. More>

More AFAs and Govt eyeing ways to keep them

27 March 2017

Goodreturns: New statistics from the Financial Markets Authority show that more authorised financial advisers joined the industry than left over the 12 months to June 30. More>

Will financial market reforms reduce the impact of another global shock?

27 March 2017

NBR: Will financial market reforms reduce the impact of another global shock? by NBR Radio from desktop or your mobile device. More>

What have future generations ever done for me?

24 March 2017

His stake is in the ground. Prime Minister Bill English is progressively raising superannuation age of eligibility from 65 to 67. The change will be complete by 2040, but won’t start until 1st July 2037, twenty whole years away. No one born before 30th June 1972 will be affected. More>

U.K. should increase retirement age faster, new report recommends

24 March 2017

A faster increase in the state pension age, an end to guaranteed increases of pension benefits and a midlife check to help people take stock of their work, health and retirement have been recommended in a final report reviewing the U.K. state pension age. More>

No monitoring team, no plan for AFAs: FMA

17 March 2017

Goodreturns: The Financial Markets Authority has revealed it has no staff members specifically tasked with monitoring financial advisers, and no set plan of how to do so. More>

Kiwibank in hot water with regulator

17 March 2017 Kiwibank 'working urgently' with the RBNZ after a preliminary view from the regulator concludes $250m of its bonds don't comply with bank capital rules. More>

Catching up needed for bank regulation

15 March 2017 Martien Lubberink says NZ has some catching up to do from a bank regulatory capital perspective as the RBNZ embarks on a review. More>

Warminger decision "useful clarification of a difficult law"

10 March 2017

Chapman Tripp: The judgment is of significant interest to participants in the New Zealand market, both in the examination of the notoriously elusive legal elements that make up this prohibition and in the Court's treatment of the facts underlying the two alleged breaches that were upheld and the eight that were not. More>

QROPS providers surprised by tax change

10 March 2017 New Zealand QROPS providers say they can work with a surprise change to the regime, revealed in Britain’s latest Budget.The charge will not apply if, at the point of transfer, the person and the QROPS scheme are in the same country, both are within the European Economic Area or the QROPS is provided by an employer. More>