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What have future generations ever done for me?

24 March 2017

His stake is in the ground. Prime Minister Bill English is progressively raising superannuation age of eligibility from 65 to 67. The change will be complete by 2040, but won’t start until 1st July 2037, twenty whole years away. No one born before 30th June 1972 will be affected. More>

Stuff's guide to NZ Superannuation changes

8 March 2017 Superannuation has been reset. Prime Minister Bill English has announced that the age for state superannuation will rise up to 67 in gradual steps starting in 20 years time. More>

Super age lift not enough: experts

6 March 2017

NZ Herald: Means-testing and later eligibility for new residents among suggested changes Government should consider, writes NZ Herald political reporter Isaac Davison. More>

Insurers ponder cover for retirees

17 February 2017

Goodreturns: Insurers are wrestling with how to offer insurance to New Zealanders holding larger amounts of debt later in life, says the Commission for Financial Literacy. More>

Cullen joins Retirement Income Group board

15 February 2017 KiwiSaver architect Sir Michael Cullen has joined the board of variable annuity company Retirement Income Group. More>

Baby Boomers still care about the kids' inheritance

15 February 2017 Changing attitudes have left some parents at odds with their adult children about money, but Baby Boomers are being told: If you don't like how your kids handle their finances, you probably have yourself to blame. More>

An aging global population and its economic implications

13 February 2017

Global Risk Insights: Nations will have to make many changes or face slower economic growth and increased social costs to deal with aging populations.A phenomenon deeply troubling economists and policymakers is the aging global population.  More>

Maxwell: 'Make immigrants wait for Super'

19 December 2016

Maxwell, who has a statutory duty to advise Parliament every three years on retirement income policy, thinks people should have 25 years as an "ordinary resident" in New Zealand after the age of 20 before they qualify for NZ Super, though they would qualify for emergency benefits if they fell on hard times before that. More>

Women lag in retirement savings

31 January 2013

New KiwiSaver figures confirm fears that women aren't keeping up with men on retirement saving.

New research quantifies "comfortable" retirement

10 November 2009

New research across the Tasman has quantified the annual income needed by retirees to fund either a comfortable or modest standard of living in retirement.