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Local financial services companies overestimating the impact of start-ups

10 April 2017 Financial advisory and auditing firm PwC says New Zealand financial services firms are too focused on start-ups and not focused enough on themselves and existing competitors when it comes to potential for technological disruption. More>  

Robo development under way

8 March 2017

Goodreturns: DLA Piper senior associate Geoff Ward-Marshall says his firm’s clients are already looking at how their roboadvice offerings will take shape in the new legislative environment. More>

Vanguard Australia founder to raise $6m for robo adviser

18 January 2017

A Sydney-based robo adviser set up by Vanguard Australia founder Jeremy Duffield and a former Westpac executive plans to raise up to $6 million to roll out its platform to some of Australia's largest profit-for-member funds. AFR.  More>

Robo versus real financial advisers

13 January 2017

The founder of a leading robo-adviser platform acknowledges: "Advisors who add value are extremely safe."   More>

The emerging "robo embracer"

11 January 2017 As firms and advisers look to adopt and market automated digital advice services, it’s important that they understand who the potential early adopters are. More>

New robo advice site

12 December 2016

Next year's revamp of the Financial Advisers Act which will legalise the use of robo-advice in New Zealand's financial sector can't come soon enough for one young Wellington entrepreneur. More>

Robo advice "essential"

25 November 2016

Advice businesses are being told it should now be much cheaper and easier to set up roboadvice platforms  - and soon a good robo offering will be expected by clients.  More>

Roboadvice could divert clients: Naylor

31 October 2016

Massey University's Michael Naylor says  financial and wealth advisers are currently under-estimating the potential impact of artificial intelligence (AI) systems. He believes that the rapid development of artificial intelligence would help the industry to become more sophisticated, down to “talking head” avatar software programmes dealing with customers face-to-face. More>

RBNZ's LVR restrictions are biting

31 October 2016

MyValocity reports that the RBNZ's LVR restrictions are biting especially on investors, along with low listing levels. But FHBs are doing more deals in Auckland.  More>

NZ's migrant pensioner concerns tackled

31 October 2016

Is it fair that migrants can qualify for the pension, courtesy of New Zealand taxpayers, after just 10 years in the country? Across the OECD, the average length of residency required to get a pension is 26 years. More>