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APRA: superannuation changes hit contributions

24 February 2017

The Australian: The superannuation industry continues to be hit by the federal government’s tax and contribution changes with figures out yesterday from the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority showing a 19 per cent plunge in net contributions. More>

IRD stands firm on boutique fee GST position

13 February 2017

NZ boutique fund managers have all but given up hope of winning the long-running dispute on the GST treatment of fees after the Inland Revenue Department (IRD) confirmed its commitment to zero-rating last week. More>

KiwiSavers face double tax sting

25 January 2017

NZ Herald: KiwiSavers could be missing out on higher returns because of the tax impact of their providers' offshore structures, a report says. More  

An expert's guide to Trumponomics

25 January 2017

The Economist: A leading economist has issued stark warnings about the Trump era and its impact on the American and global economy. More  

Aussie superannuation rules make inheritance, capital gains issues complex

23 January 2017

The New Daily: The raft of changes to the new superannuation system to commence from July 1 have just made the thorny issue of inheritance even more difficult for high value balances of $1.6 million or more. And they bring out some tricky issues relating to capital gains tax as well. More>

Further TAA consultation announced

9 December 2016

Submissions are sought on detailed proposals for amendments to the Tax Administration Act which build on earlier proposals released for consultation in November 2015. More>

Tax and the land bankers

29 August 2016

Bernard Hickey argues a land tax and/or targeted rates would change the expectations of unending tax-free capital gains with low holding costs that is driving a frenzy of land-banking in Auckland. More>

Morrison defends cuts to superannuation tax concessions

18 August 2016

Australian treasurer Scott Morrison has defended his contentious cuts to superannuation tax concessions, warning failure to pare back the generous benefits will foist higher taxes on working-age people.

Investing in foreign investment funds - a tax comparison of Pies and AUTs

18 August 2016

Avoiding Pies may reduce tax bill, says research report by Consilium. "Which investment structure results in paying the least amount of tax? and, which investment structure is more convenient to administer?"

FATCA - release of final regulations

7 February 2013

On January 17, 2013, the US Treasury and Internal Revenue Service released the long awaited final Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) regulations.