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Aussie superannuation rules make inheritance, capital gains issues complex

23 January 2017

The New Daily: The raft of changes to the new superannuation system to commence from July 1 have just made the thorny issue of inheritance even more difficult for high value balances of $1.6 million or more. And they bring out some tricky issues relating to capital gains tax as well. More>

Baby boomers leverage capital gains

16 November 2016

Baby boomers leveraging off capital gains to buy investment properties rather than paying off the mortgage as they head towards retirement. More>

S&P increases capital risk weightings for NZ banks due to increased risk of 'sharp correction in property prices'.

24 August 2016

International credit rating agency S&P Global Ratings has warned of the increasing risks facing New Zealand banks as a result of the continuing rise in house prices.  More>