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FMA confirms short-term derivatives to be licensed

3 April 2017

The Financial Markets Authority has confirmed that businesses selling short-duration derivatives need to be licensed. The Financial Markets Conduct Act introduced licensing for derivatives issuers in December 2014. More>

FMA's new guide to good conduct

3 February 2017

The FMA has publised the final version of the guide into its view of conduct along with published submissions from the industry. More>

FMA Conduct Guide consultation complete

14 December 2016

Final document to be published in the New Year. Chief executive Rob Everett says the true test of any provider's approach to conduct will be on whether they can show customers and the FMA that what they do is considtently effective at producing good consutmer outcomes. More>

FAA licensing deadline Thursday

30 November 2016

The process of licensing of fund managers is coming to an end and next up with be an even bigger job, the second round for financial advisers.  More>

FMA: code changes must be adopted

16 November 2016

Advisers must have their business practices updated in line with the new Code of Conduct requirements by March 1, the Financial Markets Authority has warned. More>

RIG to launch into pension transfers

8 September 2016

RIG, which offers the country’s first variable annuity product, is to launch a pension transfer scheme within the next couple of months. Chief executive Ralph Stewart said he hoped it would be live by mid-October. More>  

Client interests: first, best or last?

21 August 2016

Imagine you’re seeing your doctor or lawyer and they tell you “just so we are clear, my duty is to put your interests first… but I won’t necessarily be acting in your best interests.” How would you feel? Comforted and relieved? Or surprised and confused? In this commentary Pathefinder Asset Management's John Berry looks at a financial adviser’s duty to place the interests of the client first (but not to act in the client’s best interests). What does this mean? Is it what clients expect? More> 

FMA regulatory update to support business implementing the FMC Act

15 August 2016

To support businesses implementing the Financial Markets Conduct Act 2013 (FMC Act), the FMA has been working, in consultation with the sector, on various legislative tools such as exemptions,
frameworks, methodologies, public accountability notices, and designations (the FMA’s legislative tools).