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Government won't bail TOWER

7 December 2016

Government confirms it has not been approached by Tower as the insurer seeks capital to ring-fence its quake-related business; Forsyth Barr expects Tower to sell 'RunOff Co'. More>

NZIER quarterly predictions

30 November 2016

NZIER's Quarterly Predictions are for localised effects from earthquakes and higher interest rates.  More>

Insurers monitored by AM Best

21 November 2016

Insurer credit rating agency AM Best to closely monitor implications for the financial strength of insurers with significant exposure to earthquake hit regions. More>

Tower confident following quakes

16 November 2016

Tower confident it has enough reinsurance so the North Canterbury quakes won't set it back more than $7.2m; Share price falls as its investors wary 2010/11 quake hangover remains. More>

Insurers backing down from sum insured policies

13 September 2016

Competitive pressure is forcing insurers to back down from "sum insured" house policies, one expert says. After the Christchurch earthquakes, almost all the country's insurers switched their house cover policies from "full replacement" cover - which would pay out whatever it cost to rebuild a house in the event of a disaster - to "sum insured", where the insured and insurer agree on an amount to be covered. More>