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Mary Holm: Double your money - and then some

10 July 2017

NZ Herald: This week we follow up on last week's column about a survey on how readers have done in KiwiSaver.
Many of the respondents made comments about the scheme, so we'll look into some of those this week. More>

What you need to save for a comfy retirement

10 July 2017

Auckland Scoop: The gap between income and expenditure for New Zealand retirees continues to shrink, but rising housing and household utility bills mean most Kiwis’ superannuation payments still don’t cover their costs of living, says a leading personal finance academic. MORE>

KiwiSaver hits $40b, but balances stay low

17 May 2017

New Zealand Herald: Strong investment growth has boosted the value of KiwiSaver to over $40 billion but individual balances remain low for many despite the scheme running for nearly 10 years.

Banks treat the New Zealand economy as just a housing market

17 April 2017 Following the money shows how they really think. Our banks treat the New Zealand economy as just a housing market, with lending for the real economy a relatively smaller focus. More>  

Beware a 2019 recession

12 April 2017 "Some superstitious investors worry about the chance of a global recession in 2017," says Harbour Asset Management. "They figure that the stockmarket crash in 1987, Asian crisis in 1997 and start of the GFC in 2007 make this the obvious year for troubles in markets." More>  

Distribution model key to trust post-crisis planning, MJW

3 April 2017

InvestmentNewsNZ: Funds designed to supply income over long-term intergenerational timelines should review how their current distribution policies would stack up following a financial crisis, a new Melville Jessup Weaver (MJW) paper argues. More>

After the Fed: What some top bond-fund managers are saying

20 March 2017

NZ Herald / AP: Rising rates don't have to mean despair for bond-fund investors.Yes, the Federal Reserve raised short-term rates Wednesday, the latest move higher in what economists expect to be a long campaign. Bond investors have historically seen rising rates as the enemy because they result in falling prices for the bonds they own. More>

Super age lift not enough: experts

6 March 2017

NZ Herald: Means-testing and later eligibility for new residents among suggested changes Government should consider, writes NZ Herald political reporter Isaac Davison. More>

Economy expected to grow strongly in 2017 as confidence overcomes quakes

1 March 2017

Stuff: The Institute of Economic Research's (NZIER) quarterly survey of business opinion (QSBO) for December found a net 26 per cent of businesses expect conditions to improve over the coming year. More>

A mounting case for being sceptical of official economic data

1 March 2017 Rodney Dickens thinks underfunding of Statistics NZ is bringing a higher level of uncertainty to their releases, more revisions, and more difficulty in using them for policy making. More>