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The Bill for HIdden Private Equity Fees: $4bn

17 April 2017

Institutional Investor: As public pension plans in the U.S. increasingly invest in private equity and other alternatives, funds may be paying more than $4 billion annually in unreported fees, according to Pew Charitable Trusts. More>  

FMA launches consultation on KiwiSaver fees methodology

12 April 2017

The FMA is consulting on how those fees should be calculated and disclosed. Deadline for submissions is 5 May 2017. More>  

FMA Consultation released: Improving financial information in an equity PDS

12 April 2017

The FMA intends to issue guidance for equity issuers on how to disclose financial information in product disclosure statements (PDS) in a clear, concise and effective manner. It says the guidance will be used as a key reference point for its work and updated as necessary. More>  

New laws fall short around fund fee disclosure

7 April 2017

 NZ Herald: Regulators and politicians publicly wring their hands and despair at the fact that many New Zealanders choose to invest in residential property rather than "productive" investment in the stock market. More>  

Cullen says it's time KiwiSaver fees fell

27 February 2017 KiwiSaver founder Sir Michael Cullen says it's time for fees to drop. "There is certainly space for KiwiSaver fees to start coming down now that so many of the funds have bulked up substantially," the former deputy prime minister said. More>

Sheather on fees versus returns

23 December 2016

Brent Sheather in the NZ Herald: "(The FMA) consistentlys ignore the fact that investors in share funds should expect the return of a share fund however, due to the impact of annual fees their return in the long run will approximate that of a bond fund." More>

Goldsmith swallows banks' argument

16 December 2016

Goldsmith takes pity on banks for having to invest $1 million on IT upgrades needed to disclose KiwiSaver members' fees in dollar terms. More>

KiwiSaver fees must be disclosed in dollars from 2018

14 December 2016

Commerce and Consumer Affairs Minister Paul Goldsmith says all KiwiSaver annual statements will have to disclose total fees paid in dollar terms from 2018, however one provider says it should start happening much sooner. More>

Fee debate welcomed

7 December 2016

The Commission for Financial Capability has welcomed fresh debate on the touchy subject of KiwiSaver fees after a new report suggested there was an "unhealthy focus" on fees - rather than the overall outcome delivered by various schemes. More>

Hawes on KiwiSaver fees

2 December 2016

When choosing your KiwiSaver provider, you shouldn't base the decision on fees - they are only one factor in your choice, says Martin Hawes.  More>