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NZ Herald: Diana Clement: More to income protection than just ACC

11 May 2017

Worth seeking advice from financial adviser who specialises in insurance.

French Election's Effect On The Markets

26 April 2017

Schroders: How would a Macron presidency in France affect equities, the ECB, Brexit negotiations, and more? At our latest Schroders Live event Keith Wade and Martin Skanberg discussed some of the big issues facing Europe and its markets right now. More>  

FMA launches consultation on KiwiSaver fees methodology

12 April 2017

The FMA is consulting on how those fees should be calculated and disclosed. Deadline for submissions is 5 May 2017. More>  

FMA Consultation released: Improving financial information in an equity PDS

12 April 2017

The FMA intends to issue guidance for equity issuers on how to disclose financial information in product disclosure statements (PDS) in a clear, concise and effective manner. It says the guidance will be used as a key reference point for its work and updated as necessary. More>  

ASB steps up KiwiSaver advice

7 April 2017

NZ Herald: ASB says a change in the way the regulator views personalised financial advice has opened the door for it to provide more KiwiSaver advice. More>  

Advisers can work with many entities: MBIE

7 April 2017

 Goodreturns: MBIE has confirmed that a financial adviser will be able to work for more than one licensed financial advice provider under the new regime. More>  

FMA's Colmar Brunton research

5 April 2017

 FMA: The FMA commissioned Colmar Brunton to survey New Zealanders aged between 60 and 74 years, to find out their experiences of retirement and how information or advice has helped them manage their retirement savings.  More>

One in seven Kiwis should be in financial 'intensive care', says Commission for Financial Capability

3 April 2017 The government's money education agency says 14 per cent of Kiwis should be sent straight to financial "intensive care". More>

RBNZ considers whether to take a more 'graduated approach' in monitoring insurers' solvency

3 April 2017 RBNZ considers whether to: take a more 'graduated approach' in monitoring insurers' solvency, make insurers disclose as much information as banks, and require all insurers that operate in NZ to be locally incorporated. More>

Take my advice, says money manager Warren Couillault

3 April 2017

NZ Herald: Warren Couillault came close to disappearing from public life over the past nine years, but now he is making a comeback. More>