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'Auckland house prices can't keep falling'

16 January 2017 Mortgage rates hikes and investor LVR restrictions won't be enough to stop Auckland house prices from growing in 2017, says the Property Institute.  More>

Insurer Youi fined maximum $100,000 by Insurance Council for dodgy sales tactics

5 October 2016

South African-owned insurer Youi has been fined the maximum financial penalty of $100,000 by the Insurance Council following a disciplinary process over misleading sales practices and has been warned any future misconduct will risk it being ousted as a member. NZ Herald. More> 

How many Big Macs could you buy for the equivalent cost of a median priced Auckland house compared to Melbourne, Sydney and New York?

14 September 2016

Borrowing a leaf from the pages of the famous Big Mac Index developed by The Economist magazine to measure whether currencies in different countries are over or under-valued depending on their Big Mac purchasing power, developed its own Big Mac Property Index. More> 

'Property a better bet than pensions', says Bank of England chief economist

31 August 2016

Property is a better option for funding retirement than a pension, the Bank of England's chief economist has claimed. Andy Haldane made the comment despite having a gold-plated guaranteed pension which will pay him nearly £84,000 (NZD$152,400) a year.  More> 

Brian Easton examines the tax incentive mess we have got into with our housing policy

29 August 2016

While housing obviously fills a need – people need somewhere to live – it also has an investment aspect. How this investment is treated by the tax system influences the housing market, and the investment available for other purposes, such as business ventures. More>

Tax and the land bankers

29 August 2016

Bernard Hickey argues a land tax and/or targeted rates would change the expectations of unending tax-free capital gains with low holding costs that is driving a frenzy of land-banking in Auckland. More>

S&P increases capital risk weightings for NZ banks due to increased risk of 'sharp correction in property prices'.

24 August 2016

International credit rating agency S&P Global Ratings has warned of the increasing risks facing New Zealand banks as a result of the continuing rise in house prices.  More>