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Socially responsible investing (Part 3)

21 April 2017

Goodreturns: In this month’s commentary, Pathfinder looks at real world implications of responsible investment (RI). Are RI returns better, worse or no different than market returns? What investment options are available within NZ and from offshore? More>  

Anglican scheme looks for ethical uplift

10 April 2017

InvestmentNewsNZ: The rising demand for socially responsible investment (SRI) options has sparked renewed interest in niche ‘ethical’ funds, according to Anglican Pension Board general manager, Mark Wilcox. More>  

Synergy launches SRI portfolios

31 March 2017

Goodreturns: Synergy Investment Programme is launching four new model portfolios, with a focus on socially responsible investment. More>

Four KiwiSaver schemes yet to ditch weapons investments

27 March 2017

Radio New Zealand: Some KiwiSaver funds are still investing in banned weapons despite making promises to get rid of the holdings. More>

Responsible Investing: implications for everyone in financial markets

27 March 2017

Goodreturns: The essence of responsible investing (RI) is not its focus on environmental, social and governance issues (ESG) – these get the headlines but are about implementation. The essence of RI is simply to change investor and corporate horizons from the short-term to the long-term. RI is about shifting the focus from maximising near term returns to generating long-term sustainable returns. More>

KiwiSavers want to engage responsibly: RIAA

21 November 2016

Most KiwiSaver investors favour engagement rather than divestment of troublesome stocks, a new survey commissioned by the Responsible Investment Association of Australasia (RIAA) has found. InvestmentNewsNZ. More>

Craig Simpson finds the lack of KiwiSaver options for socially responsible investors means comparisons are difficult and focus on short term returns

14 September 2016

Numerous studies conclude there is no discernible difference in the risk and return profile between a socially responsible fund and a mainstream fund. In some cases, the performance of socially responsible funds outperforms mainstream funds. More> 

RIAA: KiwiSaver providers need to reflect Kiwi values

2 September 2016

Simon O'Connor, chief executive of the Responsible Investment Association Australasia (RIAA) says businesses are being disrupted by the rise of conscientious consumers. More>