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Education and Development for Trustees

Each year Workplace Savings NZ offers a professional development programme to support those working in the superannuation or trust industry.  We encourage all Trustees/Directors of superannuation schemes, charitable trusts and incorporated societies to make this programme a vital part of their on-going education.

Other professionals working in the industry will also benefit from attending this programme (fund secretaries, fund administrators, service providers, fund managers, human resource and employee benefit managers, accountants, solicitors, etc.)

Workplace Savings NZ Certificate in Trusteeship

The Workplace Savings NZ "Certificate in Trusteeship" is awarded to all those who complete the four development modules.  We encourage all workplace Retirement Savings Schemes to make completion of the Certificate in Trusteeship the minimum formal professional development benchmark for each of their Trustees.

This is what Linda Cooper, Chief Financial Officer, Livestock Improvement Corporation (LIC), had to say:
"I have recently completed the WSP Trustee PD program and found it not only added to my previous governance training, gave a great over view at a high and understandable level of the legal requirements surrounding super schemes and trustees in NZ, covered off future developments and trends to be aware of but it also was a great opportunity to share experiences with other trustees in similar schemes of their challenges and knowledge!"

Programme Format

Each module is run as a half-day session, with the full Certificate course of 4 modules taking a two-day block to complete.  Class sizes are limited to facilitate an interactive 'workshop' learning environment including case studies and discussion.  Attendees can choose to register for a single module of interest or enrol for the entire Certificate course.  A summary of each of the four Development Modules is below:

Development Module 1:  Introduction to Trusteeship

For new or existing trustees, this course will assist all trustees in understanding their legal obligations and broader responsibilities associated with the governance of a trust. Particular emphasis is given to trustee powers, duties and the exercise of discretions. More information.

2016 Dates: Late November (indicative) - Register your interest now

Development Module 2:  Current Good Practice Governance

What is it that makes the difference between an effective, efficient and responsive Board of Trustees and the rest? The answers lie in procedure and execution. This session will provide a discussion forum on current governance issues and provide some tools and techniques to improve the collective trustees governance responsibility. More information.

2016 Dates:  Late November (indicative) - Register your interest now

Development Module 3:  Introduction to Wholesale Investing

This module is designed to inform and educate Trustees all about wholesale investment fundamentals. This should be on every new scheme Trustee's to-do list. More information.

2016 Dates Late November (indicative) - Register your interest now

Development Module 4:  Trustee Investment Decisions

Following on from Development Module 3, this session focuses on the investment decisions that Trustees are faced with including selecting and mixing fund managers, selecting a consultant, evaluating investment surveys, understanding different types of investment vehicles and evaluating the option of managing your own assets. More information.

2016 Dates Late November (indicative) - Register your interest now

 Programme Prices

Certificate Course

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 Note: all prices are inclusive of GST

Should an attending non-member join Workplace Savings NZ within one month of undertaking the course, the first year's membership subscription will be reduced by $100.00 (GST inclusive).


Registrations are now open!  Check out our upcoming professional development courses here.

Attendees can choose to register for a single module of interest or enrol for all four development modules of the Certificate course.

Are you looking for an in-house training option, or keen to have your whole Trustee Board sign up?  Workplace Savings NZ is happy to accommodate. Contact us by email.  We look forward to hearing from you.