What happens Next

What happens next?

Once you become a member of a KiwiSaver scheme, deductions from your salary will commence according to your instructions. This will be remitted to IRD by your employer along with any employer contributions. These will then be passed to your KiwiSaver provider for investment in the investment fund you have selected or to which you have been allocated. For more information, see IRD information pack KS03.

Your KiwiSaver scheme provider should provide you with regular statements of your account and/or offer you online access to this information. It is also possible to register with the IRD so you can check on the status of contributions you or your employer have made. To do this, go to Manage my KiwiSaver.

If you decide to move to a different KiwiSaver scheme, your new scheme provider will usually be able to organise this for you.  Tell the provider that you are already a member of a KiwiSaver scheme and ask them to arrange to transfer accrued benefits for you.

Finally, if you decide to change your KiwiSaver investment fund at any time you can usually do so by filing a switching form with your current provider. Contact your provider by phone or email for this form; otherwise it may be available for download from your provider's website.